Best Carrier Oils for Hair Growth

Best Carrier Oils for Hair Growth

If you’re suffering from hair loss, you may be tempted to go for a hair transplant or some acupuncture treatment to try and reverse the signs. But, when you do that, all you do is end up with a head looking like your aunt’s rug and a sore scalp.

Carrier oils for hair loss are a great way of helping your hair grow better! They’re all natural and you can use them at home, on your own in the shower, without having to fork out a lot of money to a professional. Sounds too good to be true? It’s not, and here are some of the essential carrier oils you need to try.

1. Tea Tree Oil

This treatment lessens the amount of oil your scalp produces, preventing your hair from becoming greasy and dandruff infested. It can be mixed with olive oil and used weekly or more often for effective results.

2. Burdock Oil

This oil keeps your scalp healthy and helps hair growth on its way. It stimulates the pores at the root of the hair, revitalizing them and helping reduce hair loss in any age group.

3. Lavender Oil

This oil is used for many different health problems, to do and not to do with the scalp, especially alopecia. It increases hair growth by a large percentage and it has been found that individuals suffering with hair loss who use it daily for a few months automatically noticed changes in the amount of hair they were losing and how wonderfully it was re-growing.

4. Jojoba Oil

Anyone can use this remedy, as it is suitable for even people with incredibly sensitive skin. It is great for hair loss and hair that is damaged or broken. It promotes hair growth and there are ingredients in it that help hair grow much faster than it would if you didn’t use the oil. It’s also great for skin care.

5. Bay Oil

This helps in hair loss and in helping your grow your hair without it getting damaged and broken from split ends. You can use this while you’re in the shower and just wash it out after a few minutes.

There are many other essential carrier oils too such as almond, walnut, hazelnut, evening primrose and wheat germ oils. These are all equally as good as the ones aforementioned, so it is important to see which one works best for you and your beautiful hair.



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