Can I Use John Frieda Products on my African American Hair?

Can I Use John Frieda Products on my African American Hair?

John Frieda has one of the best hair products for the dry, damaged, frizzy, curly or chemically treated hair. Since African Americans have mostly dry, frizzy and curly textured hair John Frieda products are perfect for their hair. The following are some of the Frizz Ease hair products by John Frieda that are ideal for black hair:

Frizz Ease – Smooth Start Shampoo

Begin treating your weak, wavy frizzy with the Frizz Ease Smooth Start Shampoo which helps in regaining the lost essential oils and becomes a natural defense against the frizz. It restores the balance of moisture from the scalp preventing frizz and humidity from affecting your day.

Frizz Ease – Smooth Start Conditioning

Like shampooing, conditioning dull, dry, frizzy hair is equally important and with the Frizz Ease Smooth Start Conditioning you will find the frizz gets absolutely blocked without leaving any sort of heavy residues. This conditioner also helps in hydrating the deep strands of the hair to regain the lost moisture and stands against frizz, leaving the hair smooth, silky and highly manageable.

Frizz Ease – Hair Serum

Next in the John Frieda’s collection is the Frizz Ease Hair Serum which transforms the chemically treated, dry, dull, frizzy hair into smooth, shiny and beautiful hair.

There is a use of silicon blend which provides a layer of gloss for giving a perfect look and for frizzy resistant hair styles. It also prevents the humidity present in the air to damage the smooth look.

Frizz Ease – 3 Day Straight

This is a weightless semi-permanent hair spray which helps in blocking out the frizz as you will straighten out your hair. The spray is a blend of polymers and contains keratin protein wraps which helps in sealing each hair strand, even straight styles for 3 days. Besides it also keeps the hair smooth and glossy.

Besides the Frizz Ease products there is a full range of Full Repair products by John Frieda to repair that damaged and color treated problem hair.

Full Repair – Full Body Shampoo

It is light weight, inca in chi Omega 3 rich formula which is specifically designed to repair the hair and add full flowing hair styles. It helps in detangling the strands which reduces the breakage while combing.

Full Repair – Protecting Root Lift Foam

This contains root-boosting formula along with the inca in chi oil which promotes the flexible and strong root. This foam helps protect against heat and also prevent breakage from styling.

Full Repair – Perfect Ends Sheer Mist

If you find a lot of damaged hair then this hair product is perfect as it is rich in inca in chi oil as well as Omega 3 and it gets absorbed into the torn hair strands leaving them smooth and shiny.

Full Repair – Touch-up Flyaway Tamer

This product contain crystal clear formula having the inca in chi oil which  is for the touch-ups as it keeps the full bodied styles to maintain perfectly.

So if you have African American hair then these John Frieda products are ideal for you



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